Russian Flare Gun Holster M44



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These holsters are designed to fit the Russian M44 Flare Gun. They will fit many other flare guns that are based on the Russian M44 Flare Gun, such as the Polish, which is identical and the Czech Flare Gun, called the S.H.E. 82. The holsters have small Czech stamps on the inside.

SPSh (Signalny Pistolet Shpagina) is a Russian flare pistol designed by Georgy Semyonovich Shpagin (Entered service in 1943 as SPSh-43. In 1944 Shpagin designed a modified model SPSh-44 (also known as SPSh-2).

It was put in service in 1943 and used from that time in Soviet and Russian army and in armies of other states until today. Kovrov Arsenal produced this flare pistols and put its "trademark" on them. That's why SPSh it better known over the world as Kovrov Arsenal Flare pistol

Made of a brown leather like material, the holster opens to provide storage for both a flare gun and 8 flares.


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Russian Flare Gun Holster M44

Russian Flare Gun Holster M44